Netizen 24 IDN: Tiens holds 22nd anniversary celebration in New Delhi

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Tiens holds 22nd anniversary celebration in New Delhi

Tiens holds 22nd anniversary celebration in New Delhi 2 minutes ago | 29 Views Tiens holds 22nd anniversary celebration in New DelhiTiens Group Celebrates 22nd Anniversary of Establishment (Antara/AsiaNet) AsiaNet 70913
NEW DELHI, Nov. 7, 2017 (Antara/Xinhua-AsiaNet) --
Chinese multinational conglomerate, Tiens Group, held on Sunday its 22nd anniversary celebration as well as a series of related activities in New Delhi, capital of India.
Approximately 10,000 Tiens' business partners from nearly 50 countries and regions participated in this international gathering.
Tiens has been actively implementing the Belt and Road Initiative, quickened the space of globalizati on and taken India as its one of the core markets to enhance investment and set up more branches and franchised stores, said Li Jianing, general manager of investment and development center of Tiens.
Tiens has divided the global market into 21 areas and optimized its allocation of resources, said Li, adding that at present, Tiens has successively forayed into about 37 countries and regions, including U.S., Australia, France, the Public of Korea (ROK), the United Arab Emirates (UAE), etc.
According to Li, Tiens will further expand its presence in the Indian E-commerce market, develop cooperation with Indian high-quality suppliers and take advantage of Tiens' global marketing network to promote Indian featured products throughout the world. It will meanwhile constantly add public welfare input in India.
Li Jinyuan, chairman and president of Tiens Group, delivered video messages to attendees in New Delhi, saying that Tiens will officially launch its new global strategy and embark on a new journey of entrepreneurship.
Founded in 1995 by Li Jinyuan in coastal Tianjin city of northern China, Tiens group has presence in many fields like biotechnology, health management, tourism, education, e-commerce and financial investment, and has branches in 110 countries and regions. Tiens had access to the Indian market in 2002 and at present it runs 12 branches and 75 franchised stores in the country.
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