Netizen 24 IDN: Security tensions not to affect tourism in Timika

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Security tensions not to affect tourism in Timika

Security tensions not to affect tourism in Timika just now | 52 Views Timika, Papua (ANTARA News) - The security tension that rose in Tembagapura District of Papua Province will not affect tourist visits to Cartenzs Pyramid mount summit.
"The incident will not affect tourists. Even the total number of tourist visiting Mimika and Cartenzs has increased," the Head of Immigration Office of Tembagapura, Samuel Henoc, said here on Monday.
Most visitors of Cartenzs Pyramid are foreign tourists, including from the US, European, and Asian regions.
The immigration service noted that about 60 foreign hikers had scaled the Catenzs Pyramid from the beginning of 2017 till date.
"The visitors from Asian countries are mostly from Japan and China," Henoc added.
The immigration service plans to cooperate with the T our Operator Cartenzs Pyramid Papua to provide better immigration access.
"The total number of visitors increases every year. We want to provide ease of immigration access for the tourists," Henoc remarked.
The peak of Cartenzs Pyramid is at 4,884 meters above the sea level. The natural scenery attracts many tourists to visit the mount.
Previously, police had increased the security status in Tembagapura District of Papua Province to an alert status.
The police had implemented the alert security status since last Sunday, after an increase in tensions in Tembagapura, resulting in the intimidation of security officers, employees of Freeport company, and civilians.
However, the Papua Regional Police could immediately handle the security situation and restore law and order. (*)

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