Netizen 24 IDN: Satellites detect 15 hotspots in West Sumatra

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Satellites detect 15 hotspots in West Sumatra

Satellites detect 15 hotspots in West Sumatra 25 minutes ago | 117 Views Satellites detect 15 hotspots in West SumatraHot spots in Indonesia's map. (ANTARA FOTO/Akbar Gumay) Padang, West Sumatra (ANTARA News) - A total of 15 hotspots were detected in West Sumatra Province on Wednesday, according to an official.
Based on monitoring by the Terra and Aqua satellites, the hotspots were detected in the sub-districts of Kapur IX and Harau in Limapuluh Kota District and the sub-districts of Sangir Batang Hari and Sangir Balai Janggo in South Solok District, among others, Budi Samiadji of the Ketaping meteorology, climatology, and geophysics office remarked here, Wednesda y.
Meanwhile, in Aceh Province, at least 60 hotspots indicating wildfires were detected in Aceh Province on Tuesday, according to the local meteorology, climatology, and geophysics office (BMKG).
"This morning, the number of hotspots has jumped to 60, from 16 hotspots in the previous day," Zakaria, an official of the Blang Bintang BMKG, stated.
The hotspots were found in 12 districts and towns in the westernmost province.
Nagan Raya District had 16 hotspots comprising 12 in the Darul Makmur Sub-district and four in Kuala.
In West Aceh, 15 hotspots were detected comprising eight in the Johan Pahlawan Sub-district, four in Sama Tiga, two in Kaway Enam Belas, and one in Arongan Lambaek.
A total of 10 hotspots were detected in Central Aceh, notably four in Atu Lintang, three in Laut Tawar, two in Linge, and one in the Jagong Jeget Sub-district.
Southwest Aceh, South Aceh, and Gayo Lues had four hotspots each.
The district of Bireuen had two hots pots, while Aceh Singkil, North Aceh, Southeast Aceh, Bener Meriah, and Sulubussalam had one hotspot each.

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