Netizen 24 IDN: Bank operations smooth despite ATM problem: Bank Indonesia

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Bank operations smooth despite ATM problem: Bank Indonesia

Bank operations smooth despite ATM problem: Bank Indonesia 2 hours ago | 313 Views Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - Senior deputy governor of Indonesias central bank Mirza Adityaswara assured here on Sunday that banking operations in the country remained smooth despite troubles at automatic teller machines since Friday afternoon due to a Telkom-1 satellie problem.
"We as payment authorities assured that operations of banks have remained smooth and ATMs that have troubles will immediately have their channel shifted," he said at a training event for journalists.
He said Bank Indnesia as the countrys central bank has received reports from banks affected by the Telkom-satellite anomaly adding that not all ATMs have been affected.
"Not all ATMs have troubles but only some of them because not all banks use VSAT ne twork," he said.
Mirza said PT Telekomunikadi Indonesia Tbk. has already taken efforts to overcome the problem, adding that service of payment system remained as usual.
"Telkom certainly has taken maximum efforts to shift the channel to the new satellite," he said.
He said Bank Indonesia kept monitoring the developmemt of the restoration and coordinating with banks and other agencies concerned with regard to the problem.
To anticipate cash demand of the public he said Bank Indonesia continued supporting banks with cash supply.
"There is no cash supply problem," he assured.
The executive director of the communication department of Bank Indonesia, Agusman, said that the banks that had trouble with their ATMs have been working jointly with PT Telkom to restore the situation.
The restoration is done by moving the satellite connection that was affected to Telkom 3S satellite or others, he explained.
Agusman said Bank Indonesia as payment system authorities and rupiah currency management is prepared to support banks to serve public fund transfers.
"The Bank Indonesia Real Time Gross
Settlement (BI-RTGS), the Bank Indonesia National Clearing System (SKNBI) and Bank Indonesia Scripless Sevurities Settiement Systen (BI-SSSS) still operate normally," he said.
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